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   Our Values


  People. We are team-led and respect others and do what is right.
  Best practices.  We integrate tradition and technology when it results in something better.
  Customer satisfaction. We speak the truth and suggest only what customers really need.
It goes beyond saying that we deliver great products.
  Sustainability. We are responsible in everything we do.
  American. We vote and go to church.  We give back.

What you can count on from us.

We formed The Charleston Shutter Company to offer the highest quality products and the best customer value after unsuccessfully searching for shutter products for our own home. We wanted better quality, attractive finishes, more detail and better value--and it just wasn’t there. That’s when we took it upon ourselves to be our own supplier.

Well, word gets around and one thing leads to another and soon our business was launched. Over time, we’ve developed our capabilities and products to include many custom exterior and interior elements, and we team with builders, architects, designers and homeowners on residential and commercial projects, facelifts, renovations and restorations of all sizes.

With sustainability in mind, we use traditional materials and processes and recommend wood shutters for every home.

Wood shutters have been displayed proudly on homes and establishments in Charleston, New Orleans, Cape Cod, the mountains, the islands and in Europe for countless generations. With sensible maintenance, wood products remain the sustainable, attractive and value-driven option.

The Charleston Shutter Company has a classic name and our reputation means everything. That is why everything we do will be of the highest quality and value. Our appreciation for details drives us to offer only the industry’s best products and how we service customers must exceed expectations. We pride ourselves on being creative, responsive and value-driven and would love to work with you on your home or project.

Finally, we support our church and important charities including the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training Programs. “Cycling for a Cure” has a personal meaning to us and we’d love to have your support.

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